Jelena Jovovic, jazz singer, composer, educator

Jelena and bass

Jelena Jovovic was born in Beograd, Serbia, where she began to perform with various bands when she was just sixteen.

She moved to Austria where she enrolled at the Graz Music University, where she studied with legendary vocalists Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy and Andy Bey.

She became a mother with 21 and gradutated with honors. The war in former Yugoslavia brought her her husband and child to move to South Africa, where she soon started performing with the most influential musicians of the country’s jazz scene and became a Lecturer for jazz vocals f at the Cape town University and later at the Pretoria Jazz Faculty.

She moved back to Europe in 2002, keeping performing internationaly with different bands as well with her own projects, and kept teaching in various jazz institiutions.

The perfect control of the instrument and extraordinary music culture allow Miss Jovovivic to approach different repertoires with an exceptional competency, giving to each song such a personal interpretation like only the great Jazz singers of the past could.  Shes gifted by a  stunning sound that together with her excellent phrasing and fabulous ryitmical proficiency enable her to sing the most demanding material with easiness and intensity.

Her stage presence and communicative both with the band and the audience has always conquered the heart and sould of the listeners, and made her a “musician’s musician”